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  1. rose rose says:

    are you gonna put up some new years pix? i wanna see!!!<3

    • Leticia Leticia says:

      Hi folks, it’s a small thing, but i thought i would share.I was at Costco in the mddile of the day, with time to spare. How rare!I noticed that the two folks behind me were each holding a single item. Well, no problem. I asked each of them if they would like to go ahead of me, and what do you know they did!Since the checkout crew at Costco are a well-oiled team, it only took an extra 3 minutes out of my day, and made those customers pretty happy.Pay It Forward!

    • I could read a book about this without finding such real-world approaches!

    • Well put, sir, well put. I’ll certainly make note of that.

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