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New LIMITED MWH Shirt!!!!!!!!!

Screen shot 2010 01 06 at 2.39.42 PM 500x431 New LIMITED MWH Shirt!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Myla Myla says:

    umm how much for a shirt i want one

    • Khlid Khlid says:

      , it seems incredibly aibiitmous technology wise). Plus the tire industry etc as I mentioned (and the fact that if anyone can make this happen infrastructure wise it will be the car and oil companies, who will then be able to pretend they had our best interests at heart all along, even though they bear a lot of responsibility for the situation we find ourselves in)But it’s funny that you even claim it’s such a revolution of mindset. If it is, it will surely be just as unpalatable as bike, sandals, lentils etc (and I think even fancy high performance electric cars will still be tainted with hippy’ for a while, just because of people’s prejudices, and the way damaging industries promote them. And they will if they’re selling petrol cars and you’re trying to get their market share)You try to suggest that other ways of transporting ourselves than cars would form a vision of the future that for many many people will be simply too bleak to comtemplate . I think you are really really wrong here. I think you are drastically over-estimating how many people actually want to be driving everywhere/putting up with others doing so. If you look in the local papers around the country traffic congestion is usually a major complaint. People are sick of cars spoiling their local environments much more directly than they do the global environment. Electric cars can’t solve this problem They don’t solve the problem of things being further away than they used to be because the world is being built for cars, not people. They don’t question the fact that most commuting is a ridulous people swap’ with some people going one way, while others go another And they can’t!You say my proposals aren’t at odds with yours, but it’s about priorities, you’ve picked the wrong one the opportunity cost’ is picking the right one! (like retro-fitting a double decker bus with fantastic electric technology, and working on how public transport can be make more attractive to the mass of people)You may think you’re going to attract the mass of public with your fancy car, but you will put off many many people, for whom such things appear what they are middle class toys to reduce guilt and look good, not environmental solutions for the mass of people. Need I remind you that many of the mass’ of people don’t own cars because the already can’t afford them, or are starting to struggle with rising costs (the price of travel is a huge issue in this country, right?) To which you are proposing even more expensive ones. You also ignore the fact that many of the mass’ of people are put off by such macho interests as fast cars just cos you like em doesn’t mean everyone else does surely you realise this? Clarkson isn’t exactly everyone’s favourite TV celebrity is he? Fast Cars aren’t uncontroversial? it’s not just the carbon impact that’s the reason for this Anyway, I could go on (as you’ve probably guessed), I’m sure you could too.Ultimately, it comes down to a simple problem You think I have a slightly rabid world view so you can dismiss me. Fine. Good to know that the guy at the top of one of the country’s (world’s?) most significant green companies enjoys dismissing genuine greenies I think you have a similar problem (a slightly rabid worldview ), but you’re in charge of a large green company that forms people’s opinions far more than I can, and I think you need tomuch more seriously consider the impacts of projects such as this, and providing wind power for lotus to produce fossil-fueled cars, and wind power for sainsbury’s (whose model of food distribution is not going to survive into the future, and I would argue are clearly using you for greenwash, they have no genuine commitment to the environment), etc etcA bit of mainstreaming is fine, but too much, and you’re just greenwashing the status quo. You might get carbon reductions here and there, but you won’t get the real change we need.Happy considering !

    • Brilliance for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a certified genius.

    • Wowza, problem solved like it never happened.

  2. mitzi mitzi says:

    hey mikey whisky hand is the tshirt still available? im stoked.. love u so much mike, hugss&kissesss… keep safe.

    • Retno Retno says:

      the only problem you had with the viiosn of mass use of electric cars was the need to throw away what we have and build a new set. I responded that this is not our viiosn’, the car we’re building is a retro-fit, and I think this could be a model that works. Certainly way more sustainable than binning what we have and building millions more. And your response to having your one objection taken away? Well there wasn’t one.I do disagree with you on the social side of the revolution (of the move the electric cars) have you overlooked the closing of garages and refineries and the ability of us all to make our own car fuel? that’s more than just a technical revolution, way more. This is power to the people stuff.And I disagree that EVs won’t change how we travel and think about travel. One of the fundamental truisms of renewable energy is that when people start to think about where their power comes from, and especially if they make it themselves then they start to change how they use it. The two travel together.This isn’t supporting the car industry, that’s such a silly thing to say is building windmills supporting the coal and gas generating industry? or replacing them, making them redundant? Just because it has four wheels doesn’t make it bad.In all the stuff you say about cars you only focus on the bad things, you overlook the personal freedom cars have given to so many people, people for whom public transport or a bike just won’t work. Cars are not *all* bad. They need reining in not killing off.I think that’s the real point here. Balance. The future of transport won’t be bikes only it will be a blend, bikes, better public transport, less travel, building the world’ to enable that less travel and clean cars powered by renewables.In energy another truism is we need to use less and make what we do use from sustainable sources the same thing is true in transport.I’ve not dismissed you or your arguments (far from it), it’s silly tosay so. Nor have I intended to offend you with my rabid’ comment. It is just how you come across to me, no offence intended. None taken for your middle class guilt, rich men’s toys shot either .. Your comments about Sainsbury’s and greenwashing don’t appear well informed.In the 9 years since we built the first turbine for Sainsbury’s (how many years ahead of the trend were they? hmm about 8!) they’ve not, to my knowledge ever publicised the fact, consider that if you will before declaring their motives to be suspect. And what do you actually know of their motives, or is it just prejudice you’re offering here?Shame you should end on such a note. Probably my fault for irritating you. Cheers.E2A: We definitely are on the same side though. If we were the Tory party, you’d be the rightwing nutter (no offence seriously) advocating we leave the EU and join NAFTA, sell the NHS that kind of stuff and I’d be the guy saying no we need to be electable, or we stand no chance of making any difference.

    • Thanks for sharing. Your post is a useful contribution.

    • addition its addition its says:

      Smack-dab what I was looking for-ty!

    • Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brightened my day!

  3. tita tita says:

    fck i want a shirt

    • Rabi Rabi says:

      Dean,Your comment about dferfient accounting was indeed valid – but not completely in the way you think.I went back and looked at the FERC report, and indeed I had made an error: the operating costs in the small hydro/wind section are set up dferfient than in the ‘main’ power generation section. In particular, the ‘main’ section talks per kwh generated whereas the small hydro/wind is just apparently a lump sum.Thus indeed the differences are not 100,000x – the wind operating costs are lower than coal/natural gas/small hydro and are comparable to large hydro. One big reason for this, however, is because the wind plants all had maintenance costs under $0.40 per MWh generated.All of the hydro/coal/natural gas facilities had appreciable ($5 or more per MWh generated) maintenance and non-fuel operating costs.This extremely low maintenance number definitely looks odd. Of course the wind plants are almost all very new – it would be interesting to see how this holds up over time. The only wind generation plant which is older has a blank where the maintenance costs should be and has the highest operating costs of all the wind generation plants – on par with coal.Just for a bonus – a large hydro plant:Name: MerwinBuild date: 1936Capacity: 136 MWPeak Demand capacity: 148 MWTotal Generation: 442,443 MWhTotal Cost: $65,850,831Install Cost per MW: $484,197Operating Costs: $3,292,961Operating Costs per MWh generated: $7.44More than 2/3rds of the Operating Costs for Merwin are associated with Operation Supervision and Engineering (category 23) and Miscellaneous Hydraulic Power generation expenses (category 27).If these costs (supervision = human, miscellaneous = repairs?) are fairly fixed per facility it would explain why the wind power (and smaller hydro plant power) numbers are so high in relation.The above hydro operating cost number is in fact better than any other plant I looked at for this FERC report, but equally it is one of only 3 hydro facilities rated to provide more than 40 MW of install capacity.In any case, objection noted, verified, and the article/excel will be updated.

    • parents cars parents cars says:

      With all these silly websites, such a great page keeps my internet hope alive.

    • Wow, this is in every respect what I needed to know.

    • Finding this post solves a problem for me. Thanks!

  4. meganlomaniac meganlomaniac says:

    So when the fuck is this shit coming out because I am in love with this print. My favorite part is Bitch because that is his fuckin word. Please email me with the date of the shirts release.

  5. antoonett antoonett says:

    i love mikey he is so sexy. hey mikey can we hang sumtime e-mail me 4 my #

  6. Kaylo Kaylo says:

    OMG mikey is soooooooooo cute
    I’mma get that shirt
    mike talk yo me sometime, so we can hang out

  7. JOe JOe says:

    SHIt …… I want that shirt!
    I be showin ofF my fresh MWH T-shirt hahah…
    shit mike hit me up
    ill buy one fur sure aigh peace

    viva la rAzaaa!

    • Jolevien Jolevien says:

      I had a rather hard time chnioosg just one type of physician I would want to work for. So many of them fascinate me, and with me not really going into any medical field other than support, I never gave this any thought in the past. After reading the list, I am more favorable of working for a neonatologist. It is difficult to think about how neonatologist physicians sometimes have the most difficult job in the world, but I can only imagine how amazing it would be to be a part of saving a baby’s life. I had a coworker once whose baby was born at 36 weeks, and her baby had a lot of heart and lung problems. There were concerns about whether or not they would ever fully develop once she had him, but after many months in the NICU, and many scares that happened during it, the doctors were able to save him and he is now a very healthy 5 year old. It is because of that I have a higher interest in the neonatologist field.I hate to say which type of physician I would care less to work for, and it is because I worry that many will take it the wrong way. When I was 16, I used to help my mom at an assisted living home as a caregiver. We would get to work at 7:00 A.M. every morning to prepare breakfast for four of the elderly men and women that we were caring for. We would then make sure that all bedding was changed, rooms were cleaned, meals were prepared, and appointments were handled. We worked 12 hour days, and they were always grueling. The owner of the home made sure that everyone had their medicine and made it to their doctor appointments on time. However, she was more worried about getting paid for her services than actually helping the elderly. She would yell at them if they did something wrong, and even call them terrible names. My mom reported her and we both quit our job, but it has always left a sting in my heart since then. It is because of my experience with that situation that I do not think I could ever work for a gerontologist. I know that the situations would be much different, but ever since my experience with caring for elderly individuals it is very hard for me to think about assisting a physician in geriatrics because I worry that someone else might treat the elderly in the same way the owner of the home did. I am a firm believer that the elderly deserve the ultimate care and comfort when going through any treatment and aging in general, but I do not think I could ever work in that environment again.

    • Haha, shouldn’t you be charging for that kind of knowledge?!

    • spend even spend even says:

      Heckuva good job. I sure appreciate it.

  8. rose rose says:

    im getting some :) !!!

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